Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cupid's Crazy Quilt

“Embroidery-needles are fairy wands that transform fibers into spirits of dreams.”

I had the good fortune of finding the first two volumes of The Dorcas Magazine. It started with the first issue in January 1884 and some time in 1890 it appears to have ended, due to financial troubles. The first few issues were “conducted by” Marie Henderson, and by the fourth issue in 1884, Laura B. Starr is listed as the editor.

Volume one, for the year 1884, had this wonderful poem called Crazy, by Alice E. Hanscom, where a young man curses Cupid for having his lady friend fall in love with crazy quilting instead of him. Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share it with all of you crazy stitchers out there.

The cupid image was found in Volume two, for the year 1885, in the ‘ads section’ in the back of the volume, with no indication of which issue it appeared in. The ad was for a T. Jay Marcellus, 872 Broadway, New York City, Fine Stationery and Engraving – an advertisement for his opening of a ‘Mail Order Department’ using ‘Original Designs from the pens of New York Specialists.’ Marcellus was a bookseller / publisher / stationer at the time.

I thought the poem and the cupid image went well together. I modified the image and combined it with the poem Crazy to good effect. I hope you all enjoy it.