Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Types of Ephemera in my Collection

Here are some of the items that are in the collection:

- Ladies Art Company catalogs (1897-1930’s)
- Briggs & Company and Wm Briggs & Company (Transferring Pattern Catalogs,
Monogram Patterns)
- J.F. Ingalls (Booklets, Stamping Pattern Catalogs, Home Magazing, Home & Art
Magazine, Fancy Work Magazine)
- Other Stamping Pattern Company Catalogs & Designs (T.E. Parker, Bentleys, H.
Duff McDonald and others)
- Ruby Short McKim / McKim Studios (Kansas City Star, 101 Patchwork Patterns,
Designs Worth Doing, Patchwork Patterns)
- Newspaper Series Quilts (McKim Studios, Eveline Foland, Nancy Page/Florence
LaGanke, Margaret Techy, Nadine Bradley, C. Mullen, etc.)
- Pioneering Quilt Books (Marie Webster, Ruth Finley, Ruby Short McKim, Carrie
Hall & Rose Kretsinger, Florence Peto, Carlie Sexton, Mrs. Danner’s, Anne Orr)
- Batting Supply Companies (Mountain Mist, Lockport Batting, Rock River, Taylor
Bedding, Union Wadding Company)
- Pattern Companies: Grandmother Clark, Alice Brooks, Laura Wheeler, Aunt
Martha / Colonial Patterns, Aunt Ellen's / Workbasket, Virginia Snow Studios /
Grandma Dexter, Home Art Studios / Hubert Ver Mehren
- Magazines (Woman’s World, Child Life, Better Homes & Gardens, Home Friend,
Successful Farming, others)
- Quilt / Quilting Patterns (Kansas City Star, Omaha World-Herald, Cleveland Plain
Dealer, etc.)

This is a partial list - I keep adding to the collection as I find new things of interest.

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jaytea said...

Wow! what a collection! Maybe you could post some images of the patterns, that'd be great!