Friday, July 6, 2007

Series Quilts – Newspapers and Magazines

In 1916, Ruby Short published the first (at least that I know of) series quilt pattern called Quaddy Quiltie, see image on right. It is also known as the Bedtime Stories Quilt, and was based on the animal characters from Thornton Burgess’ Bedtime Stories. Ruby married in 1917, and became Ruby Short McKim. Her patterns, along with the Nancy Page Quilt Club, were syndicated in newspapers throughout the country. Several newspapers had their own staff design the quilt patterns, for example, Margaret Techy for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Throughout the 20’s and 30’s newspapers used the series quilts to boost their circulation. Many ran contests for the completed quilts. The popularity of the series patterns began to wane in the early 1940’s, as did the outline-embroidery needlework. Here is a listing of the various series quilts I have found over the years. I have many of these, not always complete – either the original clippings or a photocopy.

Ruby Short McKim (McKim Studios)
Quaddy Quiltie, Mother Goose Quiltie, Nursery Rhyme, Rhyme Land Quilt, Roly-Poly Circus, Fruit Basket, Flower Basket, A Jolly Circus, Child Life Quilt, Alice in Wonderland Quiltie, Flower Garden, Bird Life or Audubon Quilt, Three Little Pigs, Colonial History, Bible History, Farm Life, Peter Pan, State Flowers, Wild Flowers, Toy Shop Window, Patchwork Sampler, Parade of States, American Ships

Nancy Page (Florence LaGanke)
ABC Quilt, Snowflake Quilt, French Bouquet, Garden Bouquet, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Magic Vine, Buckle My Shoe, Laurel Wreath, Calendar, Zodiac Quilt, Falling Leaves, Many Stars, Quilt of Birds, Brother Sister Quilt, Wreath Series

Margaret Techy (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Old English, Ohio Flower, Fruit Quilt, Medieval Quilt, All-Sports

Eveline Foland (Kansas City Star)
Santa’s Parade, Memory Bouquet, Horn of Plenty

C. Mullen
Nursery Rhyme Quilt, Modernistic Flower

Aileen Bullard/Cox Features
Happy Childhood

Nadine Bradley (Omaha World Herald)
State Birds and Flower Quilt

Mary Erckenbrack
Old Glory

Laverne Bartos (Omaha World Herald)
Nursery Rhyme, Costumes of Nationalities

Harry Rasmussen (Omaha World Herald)
Big Top Circus

John F. Dille Co.
Flower Basket

Misc – Designer Unknown
Noah’s Ark (Seattle Star), Covered Wagon States (Omaha World Herald), Mother Goose (Detroit News), Golden West (Seattle Star), All American Quilt (The Record)


mayziedawg said...

You are a woman after my own heart!!
I can never go past a box of old patterns or books without taking them home with me.
I look forward to seeing your posts on this new blog!

Louise said...

Kay, thanks. If you find I have missed any neswpaper series quilts, please let me know. Thanks, Louise

Patty said...

I tend to look for embroidered pieces but I know I'll also be looking for patterns now. :)

Lynn said...


I am a crib quilt collector. I am just now putting together a trunk show of about 40 quilts from 1910-1950 or so. I have been doing a lot of research on patterns, kits, so I will be able to talk about the quilts. Your information is great.

I also teach applique and redwork. I want to start a redwork club, but it has been hard to keep enthusiasm up, any tips on keeping people excited?

Louise said...

Lynn, I have been running a redwork club/class for the past 18 months or so. I exclusively use the vintage patterns - 1880's to the mid 1900's. I bring my latest items in every month and share my findings. Every once in a while someone wants a specific topic discussed. We did a crazy quilt session a while back. And just last month, we did a history of Sun Bonnet Sue - starting with Kate Greenaway, to Bertha Corbet and Bernhardt Wall, to Eveline Foland. The ladies really like it.

I hope this helps. Best regards, Louise

blynn said...

I have 138 bouquet squares for a French Bouquet quilt which my grandmother pieced together. I want to finish the quilt but some of the white border hexagons have yellowed. How do you suggest I wash the "squares" and remove the yellowing safely?


beachgirl said...

I have an antique seattle star newspaper Nursery Rhyme quilt pattern with lots of quilt block patterns for children. I was told by an older women in Seattle that this was a series from the early 1940's.
I'm thinking of putting it on ebay and was just wondering if something like this has much interest these days?

Ruth said...

I am looking for a quilt block pattern from 1928. The block is called Springfield Patch from the Ladies Art Co. Would appreciate any help that you can give.

kiki said...

Hello. I'm looking for the complete instructions for joining the nursery quilt blocks by C. Mullen Nursery Rhyme Quilt. If you have that would it be possible for you to make me a copy and sell me that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks