Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rainbow Quilts

Greetings, It is with sadness that I let you know that Verna R. (Pinch) Niemann, the daughter of William Bray Pinch passed away on January 29, 2008, she was 81years old. Her daughter-in-law Amy is working to bring back the much loved designs from the Rainbow Quilt Block Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

On a happier note, Pam, a fellow member of QHL (Quilt History List), sent me images of a summer spread and pillow cases her mother-in-law made, that I thought you might enjoy them. The summer spread has Sunbonnet motifs and the pillow cases have some Teddy Bears and Kewpies on them.

Pam pointed her MIL Alwynne, of Lake Placid Florida, to the blog, to which she wrote: "Louise tells of the Broome County quilting club, I perked up. I was born in Binghamton, NY which I think is in Broome County. She also mentions Johnson City. My great aunt lived there & I'd visit her. I was encouraged to bring my trumpet for Aunt Belle played the piano & we'd ride the bus to evening church so I could play. "

Pam is in Illinois, Alwynne is in Florida, and I am in New York - and the internet brought us together. It truly is a small world.

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