Monday, April 14, 2008

Ladies Art Company Trade for Bentley’s

Just recently, fellow ephemera collector and I did a trade. Connie Chunn, most respected expert on all things Ladies Art Company (LAC) related, had coveted a LAC company coupon I had in my collection for many years. We met via the Quilt History List and Ebay – we both shared similar tastes in collecting all things pertaining to the LAC. A few years ago, I shared with her a CD of images of the many LAC catalogs I had in my collection, plus the colored card patterns sold by the company – and the coupon.

Connie wanted to trade the LAC coupon for an original 'Bentley's Catalogue, Part One. Five Thousand Stamping Patterns." Copyrighted, 1886, by C. E. Bentley, 12 W. 14th Street, New York, (208 pages).

This past winter, I finally agreed to the trade. I know my coupon went to a good home, and I got a much sought catalog of embroidery patterns! The pages were very similar to the Mrs. T.G. Farnham’s Home Beautiful catalog offered by the Michigan Museum.

I decided to do a little comparing of the Bentley and Farnham catalogs and noted that the page numbering were in the same style, but the layouts for the pages were different. For example, on page 96 of Farnham’s catalog, the same image of children doing a tug-of-war is on page 82 of the Bentley’s catalog. The item id numbers are different, but both are priced at 50 cents.

It is interesting to note, that Bentley’s and Farnham’s were business neighbors - 10 West 14th Street (Farnham) and 12 West 14th Street (Bentley’s) in New York City. Looks like they shared patterns with each other – and possibly publishers too.

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Cindy Brick said...

I would say it looks like they 'borrowed' those patterns from each other...and probably not always with permission, either! Laws were so much looser in those days. Thanks Louise for sharing your collection with us.
Cindy Brick