Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy Quilt Library Listing

Hello, its been a while since I posted - busy with kids and family life. Then to top it all off, I got pneumonia. I'm just getting over that thank goodness. I've given a few lectures on Crazy Patchwork Quilting this summer - using my library of more recent publications and my 19th century ephemera (more on that in a later post). Here is a compilation of my library - plus one I would love to add to my collection - Crazy Quilt Work Book by David K. Small (1997).

Louise's Listing of Crazy Quilt and Embroidery Books:

Dorothy Bond : Crazy Quilt Stitches (Spiral-bound - 1981) [Stitches]

Cindy Brick :
Crazy Quilts: History-Techniques-Embroidery Motifs (HC - 2008) [History]
Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts (PB - 2002)

Linda Causee :
An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches and Motifs (4178) (PB - 1997)
Learn to Make a Crazy Quilt (4185) (PB - 1998)

Mary Conroy : The Complete Book of Crazy Patchwork (HC - 1985)

Jane Davis : Bead Embroidery, The Complete Guide (Spiral-bound - 2005)

Patricia Eaton : The Big Book of Crazy Quilt Stitches (Pamphlet - 1999)

Cindy Gorder : Beaded Crazy Quilting (PB - 2005)

Joan Gordon : Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible (Spiral-bound - 2005)

Penny McMorris : Crazy Quilts (HC - 1984) [History]

J. Marsha Michler :
Crazy Quilt Decor (PB)
Crazy Quilted Heirlooms and Gifts (PB - 2001)
Crazy Quilting - The Complete Guide (Spiral-bound - 2008)
Crazy Quilts by Machine (PB - 2000)
Motifs for Crazy Quilting (PB)
The Magic of Crazy Quilting (PB - 2003)

Judith Baker Montano :
Crazy Quilt Odyssey (PB - 1991)
Elegant Stitches: An Illustrated Stitch Guide (Spiral-bound - 1995)
The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery (PB - 1993)
The Crazy Quilt Handbook (PB - 1986)
The Crazy Quilt Handbook, Revised 2nd Edition (PB - 2001)

Di an Niekerk : Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork (2005)

Barbara Randle :
Barbara Randle's Crazy Quilting With Attitude (PB)
Barbara Randles More Crazy Quilting With Attitude (PB - 2005)
Crazy Quilting (PB - 2003)

Carole K. Samples : Treasury of Crazyquilt Stitches: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Hand Embroidery Inspired by Antique Crazyquilts (Paperback - 1999) [Stitches]

David K. Small : Crazy Quilt Work Book (1997) – OOP

Rita Weiss : Ribbon Embroidery for Crazy Quilts (PB - 2002)

Other Books :
Japanese Quilts by Jill Liddell & Yuko Watanabe [Japanese patchwork coat made in 1560]

Victorian Embroidery by Barbara Morris [historical perspective, all types of needlework]


james said...

Dear Louise I have something you might want. It's vol.1 no.1 Ingalls Home Magazine November, 1887. All moet perfict e-mail me if you want tosee it

Louise said...

James, I would love to see it. Sorry I didn't post soooner, but just got back from an AQSG meeting in Ohio. Regards, Louise